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Brandon Sheppard wins 2019 DTWC

Brandon Sheppard wins 2019 DTWC

Photo by Michael Boggs. We hope to see you at Portsmouth Raceway Park for the 40th Annual DTWC paying $100,000 to win! Click here!


PRP Press release 6/25/2022

PRP Press release 6/25/2022
PRP Press release 6/25/2022
PRP Press release 6/25/2022
PRP Press release 6/25/2022
PRP Press release 6/25/2022
PRP Press release 6/25/2022

Portsmouth Raceway Park welcomed Modifieds, Limited Lates, Sport Mods, and Legends Cars Saturday for an evening of racing presented by On The Esplanade Laser Center and Medical Spa. Brian Skaggs, Robbie Lewis, Luke Jordan, Davey Akers, and Ronnie Niehaus all recorded wins in their respective divisions.

Defending Local Happenings App Modified Track Champion Brian Skaggs scored his first PRP Feature win of the season, as the Pedro driver led from flag to flag. Cole Cooper, Logan Burke, Ervin Vance, and Joe Hamon rounded out the top 5. Anthony Slusher, Austin Linville, Matt Holcomb, Danny Hamilton Jr, and Zack Newell made up the rest of the top 10. Vance was the fast qualifier in the Dynamic Shock Service Modified Time Trials.

Former track champ Robbie Lewis from Vanceburg, KY picked up his first PRP win of the season in the O'Reilly Auto Parts Limited Late Model A-Main. Lewis led every lap but second-place running Michael Meyers was within striking distance over the latter portion of the race before falling off the pace on the white-flag lap. Meyers would wind up dropping out of the top 5. Evyian Terry would finish as the runner-up. Matt Melvin, Rick Stringer, and Kevin Terry completed the top 5.

The evening witnessed a pair of Express Oil & Tire Engineers Sport Mod Features. The one that kicked off the evening was a makeup from a race on May 28th that had gotten fogged out. South Webster's Luke Jordan claimed the victory in that 15-lapper. The former track champion kept his machine at the front of the field the entire race. Derek Richmond started fifth, faded to sixth, and came back up to second. Adam Jordan started second, slipped back to sixth, worked his way back up to second and wound up finishing third. Cody Gifford charged from 11th to fourth. and Joshua Harrington rounded out the top 5. Making up the remainder of the top 10 were Branden Colley, Adam Jones, Gary Griffith, Stevie D. Thornsberry, and David Landman.

The regularly-scheduled Sport Mod A-Main was won by Waverly's Davey Akers. He was tops of the 29 Sport Mod entries earning his first-ever Portsmouth Raceway Park win. As was the case in the earlier Sport Mod Feature, Derek Richmond was once again the runner-up. Cody Gifford, Adam Jordan, Joshua Harrington, Danny Hamilton Jr, Adam Jones, Ben McCann, Jeromy Brady, and David Landman completed the top 10. The 29 Sport Mod drivers were the most representing any class hosted by PRP Saturday night.

The Ohio Valley Roofers Legends Cars also made a stop in Portsmouth Saturday for a 20-lap A-Main. Batavia's Ronnie Niehaus scored the victory. Nathan Young, Bryce Swango, Tom Partin, and Nick O'Bryant rounded out the top 5.

Partin charged from 11th to fourth. His son, Steven, also put on quite the show. He was running at the front of the field when his car stalled. He brought out the caution and had to go to the rear of the field. He fought his way back to second before more car problems sidelined him with just three laps to go.

Portsmouth Raceway Park will be right back in action this Friday, July 1st for the Able Air Independence 50 paying Lucas Oil Late Models $12,000 to win. Also on the card will be Modifieds and Limited Lates. Pit Gates will open at 2 p.m. General Admission Gates will open at 4 p.m. Hot Laps are expected to begin at approximately 7 p.m.

Modifieds 13 Entries

A Feature 1 20 Laps | 00:10:46.771

  1. 20S-Brian Skaggs[2]; 2. 51-Cole Cooper[1]; 3. Z28-Logan Burke[4]; 4. P20-Ervin Vance[3]; 5. 44-Joe Hamon[8]; 6. 2-Anthony Slusher[6]; 7. 66-Austin Linville[10]; 8. 23H-Matt Holcomb[9]; 9. 99-Danny Hamilton Jr[11]; 10. 20-Zack Newell[7]; 11. 7-Doug Adkins[5]; 12. 1-Byron Mays[13]; 13. (DNS) 71-Mark Hall

Heat 1 8 Laps | 00:04:11.225

  1. 51-Cole Cooper[2]; 2. P20-Ervin Vance[1]; 3. 7-Doug Adkins[3]; 4. 20-Zack Newell[4]; 5. 23H-Matt Holcomb[5]; 6. 99-Danny Hamilton Jr[6]; 7. 1-Byron Mays[7]

Heat 2 8 Laps | 00:03:00.216

  1. 20S-Brian Skaggs[1]; 2. Z28-Logan Burke[2]; 3. 2-Anthony Slusher[3]; 4. 44-Joe Hamon[4]; 5. 66-Austin Linvile[5]; 6. (DNS) 71-Mark Hall

Qualifying 1 | 00:00:56.245

  1. P20-Ervin Vance, 00:16.525[3]; 2. 20S-Brian Skaggs, 00:16.725[8]; 3. 51-Cole Cooper, 00:17.405[9]; 4. Z28-Logan Burke, 00:17.533[10]; 5. 7-Doug Adkins, 00:17.613[2]; 6. 2-Anthony Slusher, 00:17.626[6]; 7. 20-Zack Newell, 00:17.808[12]; 8. 44-Joe Hamon, 00:17.915[7]; 9. 23H-Matt Holcomb, 00:17.942[11]; 10. 66-Austin Linvile, 00:18.447[4]; 11. 99-Danny Hamilton Jr, 00:18.447[1]; 12. 71-Mark Hall, 00:18.447[5]; 13. 1-Byron Mays, 00:18.447[13]

Limited Late Models 9 Entries

A Feature 1 15 Laps | 00:08:41.883

  1. 48-Robbie Lewis[1]; 2. 58-Evyian Terry[4]; 3. 81M-Matt Melvin[2]; 4. 26-Rick Stringer[6]; 5. 97C-Kevin Terry[5]; 6. 10-Kyle Gentil[7]; 7. 10M-Mike Meyers[3]; 8. (DNS) 22A-Corey Noel; 9. (DNS) 01-Collin Holmes

Heat 1 8 Laps | 00:05:55.773

  1. 48-Robbie Lewis[3]; 2. 81M-Matt Melvin[6]; 3. 10M-Mike Meyers[5]; 4. 58-Evyian Terry[7]; 5. 97C-Kevin Terry[8]; 6. 26-Rick Stringer[4]; 7. 10-Kyle Gentil[2]; 8. 22A-Corey Noel[9]; 9. 01-Collin Holmes[1]

Sport Mods 29 Entries

A Feature 1 15 Laps | 00:15:24.072

  1. 51A-Davey Akers[1]; 2. 34-Derek Richmond[4]; 3. 88M-Cody Gifford[2]; 4. 13-Adam Jordan[7]; 5. 601-Joshua Harrington[8]; 6. 99-Danny Hamilton Jr[3]; 7. 711-Adam Jones[9]; 8. 96M-Ben McCann[5]; 9. B9-Jeromy Brady[17]; 10. 25J-David Landman[13]; 11. 55-Kasey Black[16]; 12. 26-Gary Griffith[14]; 13. 39-Ryan McGraw[20]; 14. 42A-Jamey Adams[12]; 15. 13J-Luke Jordan[11]; 16. 51*-Jimmy Spillman[10]; 17. 30-Camden Houser[15]; 18. 12-Joseph Buskirk[6]; 19. 4J-James Cox[18]; 20. (DNS) 5-Mike Drake

B Feature 1 | 00:26:45.269

  1. 55-Kasey Black[1]; 2. B9-Jeromy Brady[7]; 3. 4J-James Cox[2]; 4. 5-Mike Drake[3]; 5. 39-Ryan McGraw[12]; 6. 4-James Dickess[5]; 7. 14-Jackson Robbins[11]; 8. 11B-Branden Colley[10]; 9. 11C-Kyle Call[9]; 10. 22R-Jason Ruby[4]; 11. 19-Andrew Bender[14]; 12. (DNS) 10C-Jimmy Corley; 13. (DNS) 14M-Joe McClain; 14. (DNS) 8D-Stevie Thornsberry

Heat 1 | 00:05:56.477

  1. 51A-Davey Akers[1]; 2. 34-Derek Richmond[10]; 3. 13-Adam Jordan[9]; 4. 51*-Jimmy Spillman[4]; 5. 25J-David Landman[6]; 6. 55-Kasey Black[3]; 7. 22R-Jason Ruby[2]; 8. B9-Jeromy Brady[5]; 9. (DNS) 11B-Branden Colley; 10. (DNS) 8D-Stevie Thornsberry

Heat 2

  1. 88M-Cody Gifford[2]; 2. 96M-Ben McCann[4]; 3. 601-Joshua Harrington[3]; 4. 13J-Luke Jordan[1]; 5. 26-Gary Griffith[5]; 6. 4J-James Cox[10]; 7. 4-James Dickess[7]; 8. 14M-Joe McClain[6]; 9. 14-Jackson Robbins[8]; 10. (DNS) 19-Andrew Bender

Heat 3

  1. 99-Danny Hamilton Jr[2]; 2. 12-Joseph Buskirk[8]; 3. 711-Adam Jones[9]; 4. 42A-Jamey Adams[4]; 5. 30-Camden Houser[3]; 6. 5-Mike Drake[1]; 7. 10C-Jimmy Corley[7]; 8. 11C-Kyle Call[6]; 9. 39-Ryan McGraw[5]

Special 1 15 Laps | 00:15:25.653

  1. 13J-Luke Jordan[3]; 2. 34-Derek Richmond[5]; 3. 13-Adam Jordan[2]; 4. 88M-Cody Gifford[10]; 5. 601-Joshua Harrington[4]; 6. 11B-Branden Colley[11]; 7. 711-Adam Jones[7]; 8. 26-Gary Griffith[6]; 9. 8D-Stevie Thornsberry[15]; 10. 25J-David Landman[8]; 11. 55-Kasey Black[12]; 12. 4-James Dickess[18]; 13. 51A-Davey Akers[9]; 14. 42A-Jamey Adams[1]; 15. 14M-Joe McClain[19]; 16. B9-Jeromy Brady[14]; 17. 30-Camden Houser[16]; 18. 4J-James Cox[13]; 19. 51*-Jimmy Spillman[17]

Legends 17 Entries

Heat 1 8 Laps

  1. 43-Nathan Young[1]; 2. 82-Ronnie Niehaus[3]; 3. 18-Bryce Swango[9]; 4. 80-Levi Morris[4]; 5. 02-Daryl Bumgarner[5]; 6. 4-Tom Partin[6]; 7. 16-Perry Hoover[7]; 8. 47-Neaveh Polley[8]; 9. 8-Blake Skaggs[2]

Heat 2 8 Laps

  1. 21-Steve Partin[1]; 2. 8N-Nick Obryant[4]; 3. 13C-SCOTTY CHANEY[3]; 4. 7-John Gutman[7]; 5. 17-CALE MAYBIN[5]; 6. 26-Ronold Scurlock[6]; 7. 26G-Branson Grooms[8]; 8. 14-Blake Niehaus[2]

Qualifying 1 | 00:01:18.513

  1. 43-Nathan Young, 00:20.031[16]; 2. 21-Steve Partin, 00:20.186[10]; 3. 8-Blake Skaggs, 00:20.326[7]; 4. 14-Blake Niehaus, 00:20.353[2]; 5. 82-Ronnie Niehaus, 00:20.457[3]; 6. 13C-SCOTTY CHANEY, 00:20.792[11]; 7. 80-Levi Morris, 00:20.842[4]; 8. 8N-Nick Obryant, 00:20.888[8]; 9. 02-Daryl Bumgarner, 00:20.895[1]; 10. 17-CALE MAYBIN, 00:20.963[5]; 11. 4-Tom Partin, 00:20.966[9]; 12. 26-Ronold Scurlock, 00:21.063[13]; 13. 16-Perry Hoover, 00:21.257[17]; 14. 7-John Gutman, 00:21.771[15]; 15. 47-Neaveh Polley, 00:21.825[6]; 16. 26G-Branson Grooms, 00:23.007[14]; 17. 18-Bryce Swango, 00:23.007[12]

A Feature 20 Laps

  1. 82-Ronnie Niehaus; 2. 43-Nathan Young; 3. 18-Bryce Swango; 4. 4-Tom Partin; 5. 8N-Nick Obryant

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