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Brandon Sheppard wins 2019 DTWC

Brandon Sheppard wins 2019 DTWC

Photo by Michael Boggs. We hope to see you at Portsmouth Raceway Park for the 40th Annual DTWC paying $100,000 to win! Click here!


PRP Press Release from August 21, 2021

PRP Press Release from August 21, 2021
PRP Press Release from August 21, 2021
PRP Press Release from August 21, 2021
PRP Press Release from August 21, 2021
PRP Press Release from August 21, 2021
PRP Press Release from August 21, 2021
PRP Press Release from August 21, 2021
PRP Press Release from August 21, 2021

By Chuck Greenslate

Columbus, IN's Devin Gilpin captured the ninth annual Boone Coleman Memorial Gator 50 Saturday night at Portsmouth Raceway Park, while Brayden Berry, Mike Meyers, and Zack Pendleton all claimed wins in their respective divisions.

The highlighted event of the evening was in The Giovanni's Pizza Late Model Division and paid $5,000 to the winner and will provide the victor with a provisional starting spot in this October's Dirt Track World Championship. That provisional in itself is worth $2,000.

Early on in the Boone Coleman Memorial Gator 50, it appeared Wheelersburg's R.J. Conley was the man to beat. The four-time PRP track champ won the Dash, started on the pole of the feature, and led the first 46 circuits of the 50-lapper before the handle went away. Conley's machine actually started losing grip around the halfway mark, but despite his car fishtailing off every turn during the latter half of the race, he managed to hold on to it the rest of the way and just about made it to the end in the lead.

After a few early yellows, the last 33 laps would go caution free. Conley would build a straightaway lead before his handling issues arose. Meanwhile, Verona, KY's Josh Rice and Devin Gilpin would continue to stalk their prey motoring around the high side at PRP.

Gilpin started eight and would eventually crack the top five on lap 16. A couple laps later who would move up to third where he would ride until lap 43. The three-time UMP Modified Champion would eventually go by Conley on the top side and would pull away in the closing laps to grab the victory.

Finishing behind the 30-year-old Gilpin was Josh Rice, who managed to get by Conley with three to go. Prior to this past weekend, Rice had only raced in Portsmouth in a Modified and Steel Block. Saturday's event marked the first time for him in a Super Late Model at the Coleman-family owned facility, and he gave it quite a ride. A former Lucas Oil-sanctioned Ralph Latham Memorial Winner at Florence, KY, Rice was never out of the top three throughout the duration of the Boone Coleman Memorial Gator 50.

Conley would hold on for third. Fairmont, WV's Jared Hawkins would climb from 13th to fourth in the Tim Logan Racing machine. Parkersburg, WV's Colten Burdette would round out the top five.

PRP's current points leader Brandon Fouts would continue his dominance in time trials. The Kite, KY driver once again set quick time Saturday, as he has done every race this season at PRP with the exception of the Lucas Oil-sanctioned Independence 50 on July 2nd. Fouts would place 6th. Nick Bocook, Rod Conley, Mike Hildebrand, and Kirk Phillips would round out the top 10.

Phillips and Gilpin claimed heat race victories. Kevin Wagner won Saturday's Late Model B-Main.

"The Buckeye Bullet" Brayden Berry took the win in the Local Happenings Modified A-Main. Building on his momentum from PRP's last Modified Feature two weeks earlier when the 18-year-old from West Portsmouth climbed from 20th to fifth in the Lemley Motorsports Mod Squad Spectacular, Berry would pace the field all 20 laps.

Pedro's Brian Skaggs would finish as the runner-up. Lucasville's Jeremy Rayburn would come home third. Beaver, KY's Ervin Vance would get fourth, and Lucasville's Anthony Slusher would round out the top five.

Brandon Smith would grab sixth. Jason Bilyeu would climb from 16th to seventh. Jody Puckett would charge from 14th to eighth. Adam Jordan would move up from 13th to ninth, and Jimmy Lennex would go from 17th to 10th.

Berry, Skaggs, and Rayburn all picked up heat race wins. Rayburn was fastest in the Dynamic Shock Service Modified Time Trials.

Fayetteville's Mike Meyers dominated the O'Reilly Auto Parts Limited Late Model A-Main, and Stout's Zack Pendleton did the same in the Sport Mod Division. Both led every lap of their respective features. For Meyers, it was his third win of the season. It was Pendleton's fifth.

Finishing behind Meyers in the Limited Late Model A-Main were Cameron Logan, Kevin Terry, Jason Salmons, CJ Branham, Brayden Dillow, Charlie Mullett, and Rick Stringer. Evyian Terry did not start the A-Main. Rick Phillips was also an early scratch after flipping his car during hot laps. He walked away find. Meyers and Salmons won their heats.

Placing behind Pendleton in the Sport Mod Feature were Cody Gifford, Luke Jordan, Casey Jones, Jason Spillman, Jeromy Brady, Jonathan Whitt, Dan Aldridge Jr, Branden Colley, and Dillon Hamilton.

Polesitter Danny Hamilton Jr. was an early retiree from the Sport Mod A-Main, but he drove an outstanding heat race holding off Pendleton for the win. Gifford won the other Sport Mod Heat.

Portsmouth Raceway Park returns to action this Saturday welcoming The Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association's 410 Winged Sprint Cars along with Late Models, Modifieds, and Sport Mods. This weekend brings sprint cars back to PRP for the third time this season. It will be Weaver's Gas & Oil Night as well as Pepsi Employee Night. Gates will open at 4:00 with racing at approximately 7:30.

Media Results for 8/21/2021 at Portsmouth Raceway Park - Portsmouth, OH
Late Models 27 Entries
A Feature 1 50 Laps | 00:28:07.759

  1. 1G-Devin Gilpin[8]; 2. 11R-Josh Rice[2]; 3. 71C-RJ Conley[1]; 4. 11H-Jared Hawkins[13]; 5. 44CB-Colten Burdette[4]; 6. 81-Brandon Fouts[3]; 7. 1B-Nick Bocook[5]; 8. 71R-Rod Conley[9]; 9. 39-Mike Hildebrand[16]; 10. 21K-Kirk Phillips[7]; 11. 33-Kevin Wagner[17]; 12. 13W-David Webb[11]; 13. 17-Shannon Thornsberry[18]; 14. 17Z-Zack Dohm[10]; 15. C9-Steve Casebolt[19]; 16. 10L-Nathon Loney[14]; 17. 10-Audie Swartz[12]; 18. B1-Josh Bocook[20]; 19. 5-Stephen Breeding[6]; 20. C7-Kenny Christy[15]

B Feature 1 10 Laps | 00:12:20.476

  1. 33-Kevin Wagner[1]; 2. 17-Shannon Thornsberry[2]; 3. C9-Steve Casebolt[10]; 4. B1-Josh Bocook[3]; 5. 73B-Austin Mullett[4]; 6. 11-Paul Moore[8]; 7. 32A-Robert Starret[7]; 8. 71-Delmas Conley[5]; 9. CJ1-Charlie Jude[6]; 10. (DNS) 4B-Cale Boggs; 11. (DNS) 24S-Chuck Simons

Dash 1 6 Laps | 00:04:34.284

  1. 71C-RJ Conley[2]; 2. 11R-Josh Rice[3]; 3. 81-Brandon Fouts[6]; 4. 44CB-Colten Burdette[4]; 5. 1B-Nick Bocook[1]; 6. 5-Stephen Breeding[5]

Heat 1 8 Laps | 00:03:43.111

  1. 21K-Kirk Phillips[1]; 2. 71R-Rod Conley[3]; 3. 13W-David Webb[6]; 4. 11H-Jared Hawkins[2]; 5. C7-Kenny Christy[5]; 6. 33-Kevin Wagner[8]; 7. B1-Josh Bocook[4]; 8. 71-Delmas Conley[7]; 9. 32A-Robert Starret[9]; 10. 4B-Cale Boggs[10]; 11. (DNS) 24S-Chuck Simons

Heat 2 8 Laps | 00:06:48.839

  1. 1G-Devin Gilpin[1]; 2. 17Z-Zack Dohm[2]; 3. 10-Audie Swartz[3]; 4. 10L-Nathon Loney[7]; 5. 39-Mike Hildebrand[6]; 6. 17-Shannon Thornsberry[5]; 7. 73B-Austin Mullett[9]; 8. CJ1-Charlie Jude[8]; 9. 11-Paul Moore[10]; 10. C9-Steve Casebolt[4]

Qualifying 1 | 00:00:30.000

  1. 81-Brandon Fouts, 00:14.678[2]; 2. 5-Stephen Breeding, 00:14.843[7]; 3. 44CB-Colten Burdette, 00:14.990[1]; 4. 11R-Josh Rice, 00:15.025[25]; 5. 71C-RJ Conley, 00:15.119[6]; 6. 1B-Nick Bocook, 00:15.132[11]; 7. 21K-Kirk Phillips, 00:15.193[15]; 8. 1G-Devin Gilpin, 00:15.206[20]; 9. 11H-Jared Hawkins, 00:15.209[10]; 10. 17Z-Zack Dohm, 00:15.262[4]; 11. 71R-Rod Conley, 00:15.270[9]; 12. 10-Audie Swartz, 00:15.328[16]; 13. B1-Josh Bocook, 00:15.361[8]; 14. C9-Steve Casebolt, 00:15.393[21]; 15. C7-Kenny Christy, 00:15.399[5]; 16. 17-Shannon Thornsberry, 00:15.401[18]; 17. 13W-David Webb, 00:15.419[22]; 18. 39-Mike Hildebrand, 00:15.448[19]; 19. 71-Delmas Conley, 00:15.451[3]; 20. 10L-Nathon Loney, 00:15.610[13]; 21. 33-Kevin Wagner, 00:15.733[23]; 22. CJ1-Charlie Jude, 00:15.981[26]; 23. 32A-Robert Starret, 00:16.011[17]; 24. 73B-Austin Mullett, 00:16.315[12]; 25. 4B-Cale Boggs, 00:16.761[27]; 26. 11-Paul Moore, 00:16.812[14]; 27. 24S-Chuck Simons[24]
    Modifieds 22 Entries
    A Feature 1 20 Laps | 00:34:23.208
  2. B75-Brayden Berry[2]; 2. 20S-Brian Skaggs[3]; 3. 11-Jeremy Rayburn[1]; 4. P20-Ervin Vance[5]; 5. 1-Anthony Slusher[7]; 6. 244-Brandon Smith[8]; 7. 26-Jason Bilyeu[16]; 8. J3-Jody Puckett[14]; 9. 13-Adam Jordan[13]; 10. 8-Jimmy Lennex[17]; 11. 13R-Peter Ripato[15]; 12. 7T-Tommy McClain[19]; 13. 25S-Derek Spencer[4]; 14. 11S-Tyler Smith[9]; 15. 7-Ben Adkins[6]; 16. 66-Austin Linvile[22]; 17. 127-Chris Wilson[10]; 18. 88-Rusty Hawes[12]; 19. B1-Mason Bilyeu[18]; 20. 11C-Adam Colley[11]; 21. 11M-Don Good[20]; 22. (DNS) 28-Delane Rowe

Heat 1 8 Laps

  1. 11-Jeremy Rayburn[1]; 2. 25S-Derek Spencer[5]; 3. 1-Anthony Slusher[3]; 4. 127-Chris Wilson[4]; 5. 13-Adam Jordan[6]; 6. 26-Jason Bilyeu[2]; 7. 7T-Tommy McClain[8]; 8. 66-Austin Linvile[7]

Heat 2 8 Laps

  1. B75-Brayden Berry[1]; 2. P20-Ervin Vance[2]; 3. 244-Brandon Smith[3]; 4. 11C-Adam Colley[5]; 5. J3-Jody Puckett[4]; 6. 8-Jimmy Lennex[6]; 7. 11M-Don Good[7]

Heat 3 8 Laps | 00:03:06.636

  1. 20S-Brian Skaggs[1]; 2. 7-Ben Adkins[3]; 3. 11S-Tyler Smith[2]; 4. 88-Rusty Hawes[4]; 5. 13R-Peter Ripato[5]; 6. B1-Mason Bilyeu[6]; 7. 28-Delane Rowe[7]

Qualifying 1 | 00:03:46.182

  1. 11-Jeremy Rayburn, 00:16.854[15]; 2. B75-Brayden Berry, 00:16.923[2]; 3. 20S-Brian Skaggs, 00:16.929[10]; 4. 26-Jason Bilyeu, 00:17.057[16]; 5. P20-Ervin Vance, 00:17.180[19]; 6. 11S-Tyler Smith, 00:17.217[5]; 7. 1-Anthony Slusher, 00:17.220[7]; 8. 244-Brandon Smith, 00:17.278[8]; 9. 7-Ben Adkins, 00:17.348[21]; 10. 127-Chris Wilson, 00:17.350[13]; 11. J3-Jody Puckett, 00:17.590[9]; 12. 88-Rusty Hawes, 00:17.610[11]; 13. 25S-Derek Spencer, 00:17.712[1]; 14. 11C-Adam Colley, 00:17.719[14]; 15. 13R-Peter Ripato, 00:17.787[17]; 16. 13-Adam Jordan, 00:17.853[3]; 17. 8-Jimmy Lennex, 00:17.954[20]; 18. B1-Mason Bilyeu, 00:18.444[6]; 19. 66-Austin Linvile, 00:18.659[4]; 20. 11M-Don Good, 00:18.736[12]; 21. 28-Delane Rowe, 00:20.364[18]; 22. 7T-Tommy McClain, 00:20.364[22]

Limited Late Models 12 Entries
A Feature 1 15 Laps | 00:08:13.247

  1. 10M-Mike Meyers[2]; 2. 68-Cameron Logan[4]; 3. 97C-Kevin Terry[6]; 4. 23-Jason Salmons[1]; 5. CJ7-CJ Branham[3]; 6. 83-Brayden Dillow[7]; 7. 73-Charlie Mullett[5]; 8. 26-Rick Stringer[9]; 9. (DNS) 21R-Rick Phillips; 10. (DNS) 58-Evyian Terry

Heat 1 8 Laps | 00:03:00.714

  1. 23-Jason Salmons[1]; 2. CJ7-CJ Branham[4]; 3. 73-Charlie Mullett[3]; 4. 83-Brayden Dillow[6]; 5. (DNS) 26-Rick Stringer; 6. (DNS) 81M-Matt Melvin

Heat 2 8 Laps | 00:02:49.731

  1. 10M-Mike Meyers[4]; 2. 68-Cameron Logan[1]; 3. 97C-Kevin Terry[5]; 4. (DNS) 21R-Rick Phillips; 5. (DNS) 58-Evyian Terry; 6. (DNS) 81-John Melvin

Sport Mods 15 Entries
A Feature 1 | 00:21:40.145

  1. 24Z-Zack Pendleton[3]; 2. B9-Cody Gifford[2]; 3. 13J-Luke Jordan[4]; 4. 7J-Casey Jones[7]; 5. 55-Jason Spillman[9]; 6. B5-Jeromy Brady[6]; 7. 42W-Jonathan Whitt[11]; 8. 23-Dan Aldridge Jr[12]; 9. 11B-Branden Colley[8]; 10. 99X-Dillon Hamilton[10]; 11. 195-McKinley Minix[14]; 12. 99-Danny Hamilton Jr[1]; 13. 5-Mike Drake[13]; 14. 777-Friday Adkins[5]; 15. (DNS) 21-Brandon Pierce

Heat 1 | 00:04:02.611

  1. 99-Danny Hamilton Jr[3]; 2. 24Z-Zack Pendleton[7]; 3. 777-Friday Adkins[1]; 4. 7J-Casey Jones[4]; 5. 55-Jason Spillman[6]; 6. 42W-Jonathan Whitt[5]; 7. 5-Mike Drake[2]; 8. (DNS) 21-Brandon Pierce

Heat 2 | 00:03:26.170

  1. B9-Cody Gifford[1]; 2. 13J-Luke Jordan[2]; 3. B5-Jeromy Brady[4]; 4. 11B-Branden Colley[6]; 5. 99X-Dillon Hamilton[5]; 6. 23-Dan Aldridge Jr[3]; 7. 195-McKinley Minix[7]

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