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Brandon Sheppard wins 2019 DTWC

Brandon Sheppard wins 2019 DTWC

Photo by Michael Boggs. We hope to see you at Portsmouth Raceway Park for the 40th Annual DTWC paying $100,000 to win! Click here!

Event Profile

7/2/2021 at Portsmouth Raceway Park

7/2/2021 at Portsmouth Raceway Park



A Feature 1

11Brian SkaggsIronton, OH20S
24Jeremy RayburnLucasville, OH11
313Jason Bilyeu26
42Ervin VanceBeaver, KYP20
55Anthony SlusherLucasville, OH1
610Brandon SmithOna, WV244
78Seth DanielsS21
83K.C. BurdetteParkersburg, WV44
96Jason MontgomeryJackson, OHX
1019Tony DeHartFranklin Furnace, OH35
1116Derek Spencer25S
1212Matt HolcombAlbany, OH23H
1311Miles Cook JrWheerlersburg, OH18C
1420Tommy McClainIronton, OH7T
1517Kenneth AldridgeIronton, OH33
1615Adam ColleyMinford, OH11C
1714Jacob HallWayland, KY43J
1818Dustin MosleyHighland, KY22
197Ben AdkinsW Portsmouth, OH7
209Jody PuckettMelvin, KYJ3

B Feature 1

10 laps | 00:16:32.226
13Derek Spencer25S
22Kenneth AldridgeIronton, OH33
38Dustin MosleyHighland, KY22
46Tony DeHartFranklin Furnace, OH35
57Tommy McClainIronton, OH7T
611Adam JordanSouth Webster, OH13
71Don GoodPortsmouth, OH2G
85James Grigsby42
99Logan BurkeZ28
1010Greg ThompsonIronton, OH4B
DNS-Mason BilyeuManchester, OHB1
DNS-Justin CooperWheelersburg, OH00
DNS-Shawn HollidayIronton, OH1PJ

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:00:00
11Brian SkaggsIronton, OH20S
22Jeremy RayburnLucasville, OH11
33Ben AdkinsW Portsmouth, OH7
45Brandon SmithOna, WV244
54Jason Bilyeu26
69Don GoodPortsmouth, OH2G
77Mason BilyeuManchester, OHB1
88Tommy McClainIronton, OH7T
910Justin CooperWheelersburg, OH00
106Shawn HollidayIronton, OH1PJ

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:04:15.834
11Ervin VanceBeaver, KYP20
24Anthony SlusherLucasville, OH1
32Seth DanielsS21
43Miles Cook JrWheerlersburg, OH18C
55Jacob HallWayland, KY43J
68Kenneth AldridgeIronton, OH33
76James Grigsby42
87Dustin MosleyHighland, KY22
99Greg ThompsonIronton, OH4B

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:02:56.270
11K.C. BurdetteParkersburg, WV44
22Jason MontgomeryJackson, OHX
33Jody PuckettMelvin, KYJ3
44Matt HolcombAlbany, OH23H
56Adam ColleyMinford, OH11C
69Derek Spencer25S
77Tony DeHartFranklin Furnace, OH35
85Logan BurkeZ28
98Adam JordanSouth Webster, OH13

Qualifying 1

12Brian SkaggsIronton, OH20S16.954
215Ervin VanceBeaver, KYP2017.038
328K.C. BurdetteParkersburg, WV4417.252
423Jeremy RayburnLucasville, OH1117.297
516Seth DanielsS2117.354
610Jason MontgomeryJackson, OHX17.357
720Ben AdkinsW Portsmouth, OH717.541
812Miles Cook JrWheerlersburg, OH18C17.559
924Jody PuckettMelvin, KYJ317.633
1021Jason Bilyeu2617.653
1111Anthony SlusherLucasville, OH117.687
125Matt HolcombAlbany, OH23H17.715
1318Brandon SmithOna, WV24417.720
146Jacob HallWayland, KY43J17.735
154Logan BurkeZ2817.919
1617Shawn HollidayIronton, OH1PJ17.980
1722James Grigsby4218.118
181Adam ColleyMinford, OH11C18.185
198Mason BilyeuManchester, OHB118.232
203Dustin MosleyHighland, KY2218.270
2113Tony DeHartFranklin Furnace, OH3518.278
2219Tommy McClainIronton, OH7T18.330
2325Kenneth AldridgeIronton, OH3318.358
2414Adam JordanSouth Webster, OH1318.505
259Don GoodPortsmouth, OH2G20.033
267Greg ThompsonIronton, OH4B20.033
2726Derek Spencer25S20.033
2827Justin CooperWheelersburg, OH0020.033

Limited Late Models

A Feature 1

15 laps | 00:17:03.655
14Jacob CurnutteLavalette, WV5C
22Jared HawkinsFairmont, WV68
36Mike Meyers10M
41Billy StakerPortsmouth, OH7S
57Garet McCloudStambaugh, KYG5
69Kevin TerryCatlettsburg, KY97C
712David GrassYawkey, WV17
811Rick PhillipsAshland, KY21R
95Kent KeyserKenova, WV702
1010Jason Salmons23
1113Brayden DillowCoal Grove, OH83
128Cale BoggsGrayson, KY4B
DNS-Evyian TerryCatlettsburg, KY58
DNS-Raymond Alley21H

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:08:33.586
11Billy StakerPortsmouth, OH7S
26Evyian TerryCatlettsburg, KY58
37Kent KeyserKenova, WV702
42Garet McCloudStambaugh, KYG5
53Kevin TerryCatlettsburg, KY97C
65Rick PhillipsAshland, KY21R
DNS-Raymond Alley21H

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:02:51.830
12Jared HawkinsFairmont, WV68
26Jacob CurnutteLavalette, WV5C
34Mike Meyers10M
41Cale BoggsGrayson, KY4B
55Jason Salmons23
67David GrassYawkey, WV17
73Brayden DillowCoal Grove, OH83

Dirt Super Late Models

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series

Independence 50

50 laps | 00:32:49.362
14Jonathan DavenportBlairsville, GA49
22Kyle BronsonBrandon, FL40B
31Tim McCreadieWatertown, NY39
46Spencer HughesMeridian, MS11H
59Tyler ErbNew Waverly, TX1T
613Josh RichardsShinnston, WV14
75Jimmy OwensNewport, TN20
83Devin MoranDresden, OH9
921Jared HawkinsFairmont, WV11J
1010Ricky Thornton Jr.Adel, IA20RT
117Matt CosnerRidgeley, WV66C
1219RJ ConleyWheelersburg, OH71C
1324Rod ConleyWheelersburg, OH71R
1420Hudson O'NealMartinsville, IN71
1522Kirk PhillipsAshland, KY21K
1611Nathon LoneyDanville, OH10
1725Kevin WagnerWheelersburg, OH33K
1812Mike MarlarWinfield, TN157
1914Earl Pearson JrJacksonville, FL1
2018Shane ClantonZebulon, GA25
2115Robby HensleyWalton, KY21H
2216Jacob HawkinsFairmont, WV37
2317Kody EvansCamden, OH4G
2423Shannon ThornsberryMartin, KY17T
258Brandon FoutsKite, KY81F

Heat 1 Penske Shocks

8 laps | 00:04:14.754
11Tim McCreadieWatertown, NY39
22Jonathan DavenportBlairsville, GA49
33Matt CosnerRidgeley, WV66C
47Ricky Thornton Jr.Adel, IA20RT
58Josh RichardsShinnston, WV14
66Jacob HawkinsFairmont, WV37
75RJ ConleyWheelersburg, OH71C
84Kirk PhillipsAshland, KY21K
99Kevin WagnerWheelersburg, OH33K

Heat 2 Summit Racing Equipment

8 laps | 00:06:53.809
11Kyle BronsonBrandon, FL40B
22Jimmy OwensNewport, TN20
35Brandon FoutsKite, KY81F
47Nathon LoneyDanville, OH10
58Earl Pearson JrJacksonville, FL1
66Kody EvansCamden, OH4G
73Hudson O'NealMartinsville, IN71
84Shannon ThornsberryMartin, KY17T

Heat 3 Simpson Race Products

8 laps | 00:04:52.858
12Devin MoranDresden, OH9
21Spencer HughesMeridian, MS11H
35Tyler ErbNew Waverly, TX1T
44Mike MarlarWinfield, TN157
57Robby HensleyWalton, KY21H
63Shane ClantonZebulon, GA25
76Jared HawkinsFairmont, WV11J
88Rod ConleyWheelersburg, OH71R

Time Trials

2 laps | 00:00:31.134
114Tim McCreadieWatertown, NY3914.867
216Kyle BronsonBrandon, FL40B14.967
315Spencer HughesMeridian, MS11H15.024
43Jonathan DavenportBlairsville, GA4915.026
524Jimmy OwensNewport, TN2015.083
625Devin MoranDresden, OH915.115
76Matt CosnerRidgeley, WV66C15.147
82Hudson O'NealMartinsville, IN7115.171
95Shane ClantonZebulon, GA2515.202
1010Kirk PhillipsAshland, KY21K15.207
117Shannon ThornsberryMartin, KY17T15.271
121Mike MarlarWinfield, TN15715.310
1319RJ ConleyWheelersburg, OH71C15.386
144Brandon FoutsKite, KY81F15.404
159Tyler ErbNew Waverly, TX1T15.425
1618Jacob HawkinsFairmont, WV3715.454
1713Kody EvansCamden, OH4G15.461
1820Jared HawkinsFairmont, WV11J15.468
1921Ricky Thornton Jr.Adel, IA20RT15.500
2017Nathon LoneyDanville, OH1015.529
2123Robby HensleyWalton, KY21H15.531
2222Josh RichardsShinnston, WV1415.577
2312Earl Pearson JrJacksonville, FL115.710
248Rod ConleyWheelersburg, OH71R15.745
2511Kevin WagnerWheelersburg, OH33K15.914

Hot Laps 1

13Jonathan DavenportBlairsville, GA49
29Tyler ErbNew Waverly, TX1T
34Brandon FoutsKite, KY81F
46Matt CosnerRidgeley, WV66C
55Shane ClantonZebulon, GA25
67Shannon ThornsberryMartin, KY17T
71Mike MarlarWinfield, TN157
82Hudson O'NealMartinsville, IN71
98Rod ConleyWheelersburg, OH71R

Hot Laps 2

17Kyle BronsonBrandon, FL40B
25Tim McCreadieWatertown, NY39
36Spencer HughesMeridian, MS11H
43Earl Pearson JrJacksonville, FL1
54Kody EvansCamden, OH4G
68Nathon LoneyDanville, OH10
72Kevin WagnerWheelersburg, OH33K
81Kirk PhillipsAshland, KY21K

Hot Laps 3

18Devin MoranDresden, OH9
27Jimmy OwensNewport, TN20
35Josh RichardsShinnston, WV14
41Jacob HawkinsFairmont, WV37
54Ricky Thornton Jr.Adel, IA20RT
63Jared HawkinsFairmont, WV11J
72RJ ConleyWheelersburg, OH71C
86Robby HensleyWalton, KY21H

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