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    RJ Conley, Vance, Lewis and Howard Victorious at PRP

    This past Saturday Portsmouth Raceway Park hosted Jackie Boggs Night for The Kids presented by LA Hawk Resources and 4B Motorsports.

    RJ Conley, Ervin Vance, Robbie Lewis, and Mikey Howard all recorded feature wins in their respective divisions.

    While children ages 12 and under received free general admission and many were fortunate enough to win a scooter or bicycle, the drivers on the track had to earn their winnings, and Late Model driver RJ Conley did just that for the fourth time in five races so far this season at PRP.

    Conley set fast time with a lap clocked at 14.864. He led every lap of his heat, and he kept his Conley Trucking/Conley River Terminal Rocket Chassis out front the entire 25-lap feature for the Giovanni's Pizza Wholesale Super Late Models.

    The four-time PRP track champ was the class of the field, but things did get a little interesting late in the race when Conley got held up by the last two cars on the lead lap, who were racing side by side in front of him. They slowed Conley just enough to allow Ashland, KY's Kirk Phillips to narrow what had been a sizable gap and be at least within striking distance down the stretch.

    Conley, however, was not to be denied and once again grabbed a PRP Kids Night feature win, as he has done so many times throughout his career.

    "I love kids," Conley said after the race while holding granddaughter Josie in his arms during his on-track victory lane interview.

    While Conley has been dominant all season, Phillips has been his biggest challenger. Phillips had another tremendous run Saturday at PRP. He hasn't finished outside the top six all year, and this past weekend's second-place finish marked his third runner up of the season. Josh Bocook, Kenny Christy, and Justin Cooper rounded out the top five. They were followed by Brandon Fouts, Austin Mullett, Avery Taylor, and Shane Bailey.

    For the third time this season and the second time in as many weeks, Beaver, KY's "Swervin" Ervin Vance grabbed the checkers in the Gampp's Power Equipment Modifieds. Vance set fast time with a lap clocked 15.999. He won his heat, started on the pole of the feature, and led every lap in the Jody Puckett-owned Stealth house car.

    The racing behind him in the 20-lap A-Main, however, was very good with a lot of wheel-to-wheel action. "The Buckeye Bullet" Brayden Berry from West Portsmouth started second and finished second, but at one point in the race he dropped completely out of the top five. He kept digging and got back into contention.

    Wheelersburg's Miles Cook, Jr. had a great A-Main performance. The 18-year-old started fifth, fought his way up to second, and wound up placing third. Kenny Johnson finished fourth, and Dustin Mosley rounded out the top five. The rest of the top 10 was comprised of Tony DeHart, Anthony Slusher, Danny Ferguson, Darral Brooks, and Briana Robinson.

    Vanceburg, KY's Robbie Lewis returned to form Saturday in the O'Reilly Auto Parts Limited Late Model Division. He started the feature third, took over the lead on lap 2, and cruised to the victory. Rounding out the field were Tyler Smith, Evyian Terry, Nicky Pennington, Kevin Terry, Mike Meyers, Alan Salisbury, Joe Harper, and Brayden Dillow.

    The BluePrint Event Tent & Inflatable Rentals Sport Mod Division had the highest car count of the night with 27 entries. Vanceburg's Mikey Howard was the man to beat. He led every lap of the A-Main en route to his first-ever PRP feature victory. Joe McClain, Luke Jordan, Jamey Adams, and Stevie Thornsberry rounded out the top five. Making up the rest of the top 10 were Kenny Johnson, Jeromy Brady, Mike Drake, Adam Jones, and Rob Lemaster.

    Portsmouth Raceway Park's next race will be over what will be a gigantic Labor Day Weekend. On Friday, September 1st Berndt-Murfin Insurance and other area businesses will present Super Late Models racing the annual Boone Coleman Memorial "Gator 50" paying $10,000 to win. Also on the card will be Modifieds racing for $1,200 to win, along with Limited Lates and Sport Mods. Children ages six and under will be able to register to win a battery-powered John Deere Gator.

    Then on Saturday, September 2nd, The Lucas Oil Late Models will be in town for "The River Days Rumble 50" presented by Pepsi, Roots Child Care Center, and Army "Be All You Can Be". Saturday's Late Model race will pay $15,000 to the winner. Also on the card will be Limited Lates and Sport Mods.

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    Late Models 11 Entries

    A Feature 1 25 Laps | 00:09:54.381

    1. 71C-RJ Conley[1]; 2. 21K-Kirk Phillips[2]; 3. B1-Josh Bocook[3]; 4. C7-Kenny Christy[5]; 5. 00-Justin Cooper[6]; 6. 15-Brandon Fouts[4]; 7. 73B-Austin Mullett[8]; 8. 159-Avery Taylor[7]; 9. 1-Shane Bailey[9]; 10. (DNS) 93-Mike Sark; 11. (DNS) 17-Steve Duderstadt

    Heat 1 8 Laps | 00:02:47.998

    1. 71C-RJ Conley[1]; 2. B1-Josh Bocook[2]; 3. C7-Kenny Christy[4]; 4. 159-Avery Taylor[5]; 5. 1-Shane Bailey[3]; 6. (DNS) 17-Steve Duderstadt

    Heat 2 8 Laps | 00:06:57.852

    1. 21K-Kirk Phillips[1]; 2. 15-Brandon Fouts[3]; 3. 00-Justin Cooper[2]; 4. 73B-Austin Mullett[4]; 5. 93-Mike Sark[5]

    Qualifying 1 | 00:03:54.743

    1. 71C-RJ Conley, 00:14.864[1]; 2. 21K-Kirk Phillips, 00:14.944[10]; 3. B1-Josh Bocook, 00:15.127[4]; 4. 00-Justin Cooper, 00:15.250[2]; 5. 1-Shane Bailey, 00:15.312[3]; 6. 15-Brandon Fouts, 00:15.321[6]; 7. C7-Kenny Christy, 00:15.396[9]; 8. 73B-Austin Mullett, 00:15.558[11]; 9. 159-Avery Taylor, 00:15.790[5]; 10. 93-Mike Sark, 00:18.798[8]; 11. 17-Steve Duderstadt, 00:18.798[7]

    Modifieds 17 Entries

    A Feature 1 20 Laps | 00:21:54.002

    1. J3-Ervin Vance[1]; 2. B75-Brayden Berry[2]; 3. 18C-Miles Cook Jr[5]; 4. 1J-Kenny Johnson[6]; 5. 22-Dustin Mosley[7]; 6. 35-Tony DeHart[10]; 7. 2-Anthony Slusher[8]; 8. CR12-Danny Ferguson[13]; 9. 1S-Darral Brooks[14]; 10. 83-Briana Robinson[11]; 11. 14F-David Fitzpatrick[16]; 12. 11C-Adam Colley[12]; 13. 9R-JP Roberts[3]; 14. 11-Jeremy Rayburn[4]; 15. 34-Derek Richmond[9]; 16. 1M-Byron Mays[15]; 17. (DNS) 7T-Tommy McClain

    Heat 1 8 Laps | 00:02:55.995

    1. J3-Ervin Vance[1]; 2. 9R-JP Roberts[2]; 3. 18C-Miles Cook Jr[4]; 4. 22-Dustin Mosley[3]; 5. 34-Derek Richmond[6]; 6. 83-Briana Robinson[5]; 7. CR12-Danny Ferguson[7]; 8. 1M-Byron Mays[9]; 9. 7T-Tommy McClain[8]

    Heat 2 8 Laps | 00:05:22.597

    1. B75-Brayden Berry[2]; 2. 11-Jeremy Rayburn[1]; 3. 1J-Kenny Johnson[3]; 4. 2-Anthony Slusher[5]; 5. 35-Tony DeHart[6]; 6. 11C-Adam Colley[4]; 7. 1S-Darral Brooks[7]; 8. 14F-David Fitzpatrick[8]

    Qualifying 1 | 00:01:01.775

    1. J3-Ervin Vance, 00:15.999[14]; 2. 11-Jeremy Rayburn, 00:16.157[15]; 3. 9R-JP Roberts, 00:16.256[7]; 4. B75-Brayden Berry, 00:16.372[5]; 5. 22-Dustin Mosley, 00:16.419[16]; 6. 1J-Kenny Johnson, 00:16.445[3]; 7. 18C-Miles Cook Jr, 00:16.509[9]; 8. 11C-Adam Colley, 00:16.675[2]; 9. 83-Briana Robinson, 00:16.684[11]; 10. 2-Anthony Slusher, 00:16.687[12]; 11. 35-Tony DeHart, 00:17.291[17]; 12. CR12-Danny Ferguson, 00:17.515[4]; 13. 1S-Darral Brooks, 00:17.798[8]; 14. 7T-Tommy McClain, 00:17.857[10]; 15. 14F-David Fitzpatrick, 00:19.447[6]; 16. 34-Derek Richmond, 00:20.329[13]; 17. 1M-Byron Mays, 00:20.329[1]

    Limited Late Models 11 Entries

    A Feature 1 15 Laps | 00:05:49.104

    1. 48-Robbie Lewis[3]; 2. 11S-Tyler Smith[1]; 3. 58-Evyian Terry[2]; 4. 95-Nicky Pennington[4]; 5. 97C-Kevin Terry[8]; 6. 10M-Mike Meyers[5]; 7. 19-Alan Salisbury[9]; 8. 72-Joe Harper[6]; 9. 83-Brayden Dillow[11]; 10. (DNS) 11P-Dakota Pennington; 11. (DNS) 702-Kent Keyser

    Heat 1 8 Laps | 00:03:00.895

    1. 11S-Tyler Smith[1]; 2. 48-Robbie Lewis[5]; 3. 10M-Mike Meyers[2]; 4. 11P-Dakota Pennington[3]; 5. 19-Alan Salisbury[4]; 6. 83-Brayden Dillow[6]

    Heat 2 8 Laps | 00:02:53.226

    1. 58-Evyian Terry[2]; 2. 95-Nicky Pennington[1]; 3. 72-Joe Harper[5]; 4. 97C-Kevin Terry[4]; 5. 702-Kent Keyser[3]

    Sport Mods 27 Entries

    A Feature 1 15 Laps | 00:22:03.839

    1. 16-Mikey Howard[1]; 2. 14-Joe McClain[5]; 3. 13J-Luke Jordan[2]; 4. 42A-Jamey Adams[6]; 5. 8D-Stevie Thornsberry[8]; 6. 1J-Kenny Johnson[4]; 7. B9-Jeromy Brady[11]; 8. 5-Mike Drake[15]; 9. 711-Adam Jones[12]; 10. 740-Rob Lemaster[10]; 11. 7J-Emily Jordan[14]; 12. 51A-Davey Akers[3]; 13. 47-JP Roberts[7]; 14. 9-John Brady Jr[9]; 15. 4J-James Cox[20]; 16. 29E-Corey Lewis[17]; 17. 11C-Kyle Call[18]; 18. 11B-Branden Colley[16]; 19. 71-Mark Hall[19]; 20. (DNS) 12-Joseph Buskirk

    B Feature 1 10 Laps | 00:14:45.700

    1. 11B-Branden Colley[2]; 2. 29E-Corey Lewis[4]; 3. 11C-Kyle Call[11]; 4. 71-Mark Hall[12]; 5. 4J-James Cox[8]; 6. 39-Ryan McGraw[3]; 7. 19-Tyler Webb[10]; 8. 77-Corey Payton[5]; 9. 1-David Dunn[9]; 10. 25-Blake Butcher[1]; 11. 11-Jason Spillman[7]; 12. (DNS) 7-Brad Griffitt

    Heat 1 8 Laps | 00:14:53.147

    1. 16-Mikey Howard[1]; 2. 1J-Kenny Johnson[5]; 3. 47-JP Roberts[3]; 4. 740-Rob Lemaster[9]; 5. 12-Joseph Buskirk[4]; 6. 25-Blake Butcher[6]; 7. 29E-Corey Lewis[7]; 8. 7-Brad Griffitt[2]; 9. (DNS) 1-David Dunn

    Heat 2 8 Laps | 00:03:14.787

    1. 13J-Luke Jordan[2]; 2. 14-Joe McClain[4]; 3. 8D-Stevie Thornsberry[3]; 4. B9-Jeromy Brady[5]; 5. 7J-Emily Jordan[6]; 6. 11B-Branden Colley[7]; 7. 77-Corey Payton[8]; 8. 11-Jason Spillman[1]

    Heat 3 8 Laps | 00:08:28.100

    1. 51A-Davey Akers[2]; 2. 42A-Jamey Adams[7]; 3. 9-John Brady Jr[4]; 4. 711-Adam Jones[3]; 5. 5-Mike Drake[6]; 6. 39-Ryan McGraw[5]; 7. 19-Tyler Webb[8]; 8. 4J-James Cox[1

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