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    Fouts, Vance, Lewis and Harrington Victorious in PRP 23 Season Finale

    Fouts, Vance, Lewis and Harrington Victorious in PRP 23 Season Finale
    Fouts, Vance, Lewis and Harrington Victorious in PRP 23 Season Finale
    Fouts, Vance, Lewis and Harrington Victorious in PRP 23 Season Finale
    Fouts, Vance, Lewis and Harrington Victorious in PRP 23 Season Finale
    Fouts, Vance, Lewis and Harrington Victorious in PRP 23 Season Finale

    Portsmouth Raceway Park officially wrapped up its 33rd season this past Saturday with Meet The Drivers Night presented by On The Esplanade Laser Center & Medical Spa. Brandon Fouts, Ervin Vance, Robbie Lewis, and Joshua Harrington picked up wins in their respective divisions while Kirk Phillips, Vance, Evyian Terry, and Jeromy Brady all captured track championships in their classes.

    Besides enjoying an evening of racing and crowning the 2023 track champs, PRP also said goodbye to longtime friend and flagman Randy Campbell, who retired at the end of the night after 45 years of flagging with nearly 30 seasons spent at Portsmouth Raceway Park.

    Ashland, KY's Kirk Phillips captured the Giovanni's Pizza Wholesale Late Model Track Championship. It's the first PRP title for the 27-year-old Ashland, KY driver. In seven races, he posted six top-10 finishes and five top-5s.

    Beaver, KY's Ervin Vance recorded his second PRP Track Championship in The Gampp's Power Equipment Modified Division. Vance won four of the eight races he ran. He finished in the top 10 every race and in the top 5 every race but one. Vance wound up claiming his title driving two different cars... his own #P20 and Jody Puckett's J3, both of which are Stealth Chassis.

    Catlettsburg, KY's Evyian Terry made it back-to-back O'Reilly Auto Parts Limited Late Model Track Championships. This is his third overall. In Terry's nine starts in 2023, he recorded one win and seven top-5 finishes.

    In a season that saw West Portsmouth's Jeromy Brady record his first-ever PRP feature win after 20 years of trying, Brady also laid claim to his very first BluePrint Event Tent & Inflatables Rentals Sport Mod Track Championship. Brady started eight A-Mains. He scored four top-5s and seven top-10s.

    There was some very competitive racing in Saturday's PRP season finale. Kite, KY's Brandon Fouts wound up finishing the season with back-to-back feature wins in the Late Models. Fouts won his heat, started on the outside pole of the A-Main, and took over the lead from Justin Cooper on lap 16 of the 25-lap feature.

    Cooper posted the quick time for the second straight week. The Wheelersburg driver started on the pole and wound up placing second, just as he did a week ago. Rounding out the top 10 were Kenny Christy, Kirk Phillips, Mike Hildebrand, Charlie Jude, Austin Lay, Josh Bocook, AJ Hurt, and Ronnie Whitt.

    Vance closed out the season in style winning his fourth Modified A-Main to solidify his second PRP title. Vance led every circuit. Jeremy Rayburn finished second. Brayden Berry moved up from eighth to third. Jody Puckett finished fourth. Zack Newell climbed from 14th to fifth. Rounding out the top 10 were JP Roberts, Tony DeHart, Anthony Slusher, David Fitzpatrick, and Brian Sammons Jr.

    Vanceburg, KY's Robbie Lewis returned to winner's circle in the Limited Lates. He took over the lead on lap 7 of the 15-lap A-Main. Jacob Curnutte, Kevin Terry, Albert Butcher, and Evyian Terry rounded out the top 5.

    Chillicothe's Joshua Harrington dominated the Sport Mod feature leading every lap. The remainder of the top five consisted of Jeromy Brady, Luke Jordan, Kyle Payne, and Jamey Adams. Joe McClain moved up eight positions to sixth. Conner McKenzie placed seventh. Stevie D. Thornsberry finished eighth. Rob Lemaster was ninth. Adam Jones climbed nine spots to 10th.

    Throughout the offseason, be on the lookout for Portsmouth Raceway's 2024 season schedule by following PRP on Facebook and checking out the track's website at

    Late Models 11 Entries
    A Feature 1 25 Laps | 00:21:32.288

    1. 81-Brandon Fouts[2]; 2. 00-Justin Cooper[1]; 3. C7-Kenny Christy[4]; 4. 21K-Kirk Phillips[9]; 5. 39-Mike Hildebrand[3]; 6. CJ1-Charlie Jude[6]; 7. 33AJ-Austin Lay[11]; 8. B1-Josh Bocook[5]; 9. 96AJ-AJ Hurt[10]; 10. W1-Ronnie Whitt[8]; 11. 73B-Austin Mullett[7]

    Heat 1 8 Laps | 00:02:44.547

    1. 00-Justin Cooper[1]; 2. 39-Mike Hildebrand[3]; 3. B1-Josh Bocook[4]; 4. 73B-Austin Mullett[5]; 5. 21K-Kirk Phillips[2]; 6. (DNS) 33AJ-Austin Lay

    Heat 2 8 Laps | 00:03:58.758

    1. 81-Brandon Fouts[1]; 2. C7-Kenny Christy[2]; 3. CJ1-Charlie Jude[3]; 4. W1-Ronnie Whitt[4]; 5. 96AJ-AJ Hurt[5]

    Qualifying 1 | 00:00:32.168

    1. 00-Justin Cooper, 00:14.729[7]; 2. 81-Brandon Fouts, 00:14.790[6]; 3. 21K-Kirk Phillips, 00:14.808[10]; 4. C7-Kenny Christy, 00:14.974[9]; 5. 39-Mike Hildebrand, 00:15.211[2]; 6. CJ1-Charlie Jude, 00:15.295[4]; 7. B1-Josh Bocook, 00:15.431[5]; 8. W1-Ronnie Whitt, 00:15.737[11]; 9. 73B-Austin Mullett, 00:15.988[1]; 10. 96AJ-AJ Hurt, 00:17.080[3]; 11. 33AJ-Austin Lay, 00:17.080[8]

    Modifieds 16 Entries
    A Feature 1 20 Laps | 00:19:43.896

    1. P20-Ervin Vance[1]; 2. 11-Jeremy Rayburn[2]; 3. B75-Brayden Berry[8]; 4. J3-Jody Puckett[3]; 5. 4*-Zack Newell[14]; 6. 9R-JP Roberts[4]; 7. 35-Tony DeHart[12]; 8. 2-Anthony Slusher[5]; 9. 14F-David Fitzpatrick[11]; 10. 9F-Brian Sammons Jr[9]; 11. 1M-Byron Mays[16]; 12. 94-Bill Prichard Jr[6]; 13. 11C-Adam Colley[10]; 14. 83-Briana Robinson[7]; 15. (DNS) 29-Danny Moore; 16. (DNS) 20S-Brian Skaggs

    Heat 1 8 Laps | 00:10:07.464

    1. P20-Ervin Vance[1]; 2. J3-Jody Puckett[3]; 3. 2-Anthony Slusher[5]; 4. 83-Briana Robinson[4]; 5. 9F-Brian Sammons Jr[7]; 6. 14F-David Fitzpatrick[8]; 7. 29-Danny Moore[6]; 8. 20S-Brian Skaggs[2]

    Heat 2 8 Laps | 00:03:04.950

    1. 11-Jeremy Rayburn[1]; 2. 9R-JP Roberts[2]; 3. 94-Bill Prichard Jr[3]; 4. B75-Brayden Berry[4]; 5. 11C-Adam Colley[5]; 6. 35-Tony DeHart[6]; 7. 4*-Zack Newell[7]; 8. 1M-Byron Mays[8]

    Qualifying 1 | 00:00:37.375

    1. P20-Ervin Vance, 00:16.150[8]; 2. 11-Jeremy Rayburn, 00:16.312[15]; 3. 20S-Brian Skaggs, 00:16.399[9]; 4. 9R-JP Roberts, 00:16.432[2]; 5. J3-Jody Puckett, 00:16.629[12]; 6. 94-Bill Prichard Jr, 00:16.685[6]; 7. 83-Briana Robinson, 00:16.781[11]; 8. B75-Brayden Berry, 00:16.811[16]; 9. 2-Anthony Slusher, 00:16.885[14]; 10. 11C-Adam Colley, 00:16.917[1]; 11. 29-Danny Moore, 00:16.927[3]; 12. 35-Tony DeHart, 00:17.066[13]; 13. 9F-Brian Sammons Jr, 00:17.323[10]; 14. 4*-Zack Newell, 00:17.885[4]; 15. 14F-David Fitzpatrick, 00:18.581[5]; 16. 1M-Byron Mays, 00:19.307[7]

    Limited Late Models 6 Entries
    A Feature 1 15 Laps | 00:08:17.507

    1. 48-Robbie Lewis[4]; 2. 5C-Jacob Curnutte[1]; 3. 97C-Kevin Terry[6]; 4. 25-Albert Butcher[5]; 5. 58-Evyian Terry[3]; 6. 17R-Jesse Lyons Jr[2]

    Heat 1 8 Laps | 00:03:36.658

    1. 5C-Jacob Curnutte[1]; 2. 17R-Jesse Lyons Jr[5]; 3. 58-Evyian Terry[2]; 4. 48-Robbie Lewis[6]; 5. 25-Albert Butcher[4]; 6. 97C-Kevin Terry[3]

    Sport Mods 21 Entries
    A Feature 1 15 Laps | 00:31:01.532

    1. 601-Joshua Harrington[1]; 2. B9-Jeromy Brady[2]; 3. 13J-Luke Jordan[3]; 4. 3K-Kyle Payne[4]; 5. 42A-Jamey Adams[7]; 6. 14-Joe McClain[14]; 7. 26-Conner McKenzie[10]; 8. 8D-Stevie Thornsberry[9]; 9. 740-Rob Lemaster[6]; 10. 711-Adam Jones[19]; 11. 39-Ryan McGraw[16]; 12. 7J-Adam Jordan[8]; 13. 4B-Mitchell Berry[13]; 14. 9-John Brady Jr[5]; 15. 11C-Kyle Call[12]; 16. 51A-Davey Akers[11]; 17. X-Andrew Bender[15]; 18. 77-Corey Payton[17]; 19. 11-Jason Thayer[18]; 20. (DNS) 11A-Adam Colley; 21. (DNS) 56D-Brian Dillon

    Heat 1 8 Laps | 00:13:52.022

    1. 601-Joshua Harrington[1]; 2. 3K-Kyle Payne[3]; 3. 42A-Jamey Adams[2]; 4. 26-Conner McKenzie[6]; 5. 4B-Mitchell Berry[5]; 6. 39-Ryan McGraw[7]; 7. 711-Adam Jones[4]

    Heat 2 8 Laps | 00:10:39.873

    1. B9-Jeromy Brady[4]; 2. 9-John Brady Jr[6]; 3. 7J-Adam Jordan[2]; 4. 51A-Davey Akers[1]; 5. 14-Joe McClain[5]; 6. 77-Corey Payton[7]; 7. 11A-Adam Colley[3]

    Heat 3 8 Laps | 00:05:18.693

    1. 13J-Luke Jordan[2]; 2. 740-Rob Lemaster[3]; 3. 8D-Stevie Thornsberry[4]; 4. 11C-Kyle Call[1]; 5. X-Andrew Bender[6]; 6. 11-Jason Thayer[7]; 7. 56D-Brian Dillon[5]

    Qualifying 1 | 00:00:38.844

    1. 601-Joshua Harrington, 00:17.422[6]; 2. 51A-Davey Akers, 00:17.424[15]; 3. 11C-Kyle Call, 00:17.448[3]; 4. 42A-Jamey Adams, 00:17.576[9]; 5. 7J-Adam Jordan, 00:17.646[12]; 6. 13J-Luke Jordan, 00:17.753[2]; 7. 3K-Kyle Payne, 00:17.768[1]; 8. 11A-Adam Colley, 00:17.784[17]; 9. 740-Rob Lemaster, 00:17.790[11]; 10. 711-Adam Jones, 00:17.870[18]; 11. B9-Jeromy Brady, 00:17.949[10]; 12. 8D-Stevie Thornsberry, 00:17.994[8]; 13. 4B-Mitchell Berry, 00:18.031[14]; 14. 14-Joe McClain, 00:18.076[20]; 15. 56D-Brian Dillon, 00:18.225[16]; 16. 26-Conner McKenzie, 00:18.322[13]; 17. 9-John Brady Jr, 00:18.356[19]; 18. X-Andrew Bender, 00:18.392[5]; 19. 39-Ryan McGraw, 00:18.759[4]; 20. 77-Corey Payton, 00:19.009[21]; 21. 11-Jason Thayer[7]

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