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    HometownOakland, MD
    Racing Since2014
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    Mitch Thomas

    About Mitch

    In 2014, 8 yrs.old Mitch Thomas started racing in the Mini Wedge Division- proving to be almost immediately competitive in car racing. Thomas is now the 3rd generation in his family to race on the dirt track.

    Initially, Thomas raced Mini Wedge for 2 yrs., where he won numerous races at Elkins Speedway, and it wasn't long before he wanted to move up to the Modified Division.

    In 2017, at the age of 11 and with the go ahead from Elkins Speedway, the family thought Thomas would have a laid back summer of racing and move up in the Modified division, gain some track time and learn his car. Thomas proved the family wrong by the first few weeks and he has not slowed down yet. By the end of that year, Thomas was presented the 2017 Elkins Raceway Rookie of the Year award and showed he was picking things up quickly and able to be competitive at the ripe young age of 11 yrs. old.

    Continuing to gain more experience on the track paid off in 2018, Thomas had received a special invitation from Carl Short, to race the Dirt Track World Championship held in Ohio every year in October.

    Unfortunately, an accident outside of racing, took Mitch out of the driver's seat for a few weeks putting him on the sidelines for the Dirt Track World Championships. But that didn't stop the accomplishments for the end of the 2018 racing year. Thomas received the 2018 AMRA Rookie of the Year and placed 4th overall in the AMRA Racing Series, at 12 yrs. old.

    At just 13 yrs. old Thomas walked away with a 2nd place finish from a popular race called, “Let it Ride 55". Racing competitors nearly twice his age but continued to prove his place on the track.

    Overall, in 2019 Thomas ended up placing 7th out of 251 drivers in the DIRTcar UMP Modified East Region division and 102nd nationally out of 1737 drivers. Thomas had traveled that year and competed in 34+ race, had 3 FEATURE WINS and many top 10 placements at other tracks.

    Geared up and ready to go further in 2020, Thomas had his goals outlined and was ready to start racing. However, 2020 was proving to be a tough year for dirt car racing, as it wasn't able to dodge the effect of COVID restrictions.

    Even with races cancelled, plus the extra restrictions to the pits and fans, Thomas came out on top by continually keeping his eyes on the track and rearranging his schedule as the season went on.

    Thomas was able to race 27+ times and park his car out front 8 times for a FEATURE WIN. He finished placing 5th out of 216 drivers, in the DIRTcar UMP Modified East Region division and 69th nationally out of 1,499 drivers.

    Thomas kicked off the 2021 year in Florida at Volusia Speedway Park in February and then it was off to Bristol, TN- March 15-20th, where Thomas showed he had what it took to be on the track competitively by making the BIG FEATURE on Saturday night, at 15 years old.

    By 2022 Thomas is no longer a rookie on the bigger tracks and by turning 16 yrs. old in December 2021 it allowed him to be eligible for the race tracks that had an age restriction. He was ready to chase the numbers Nationally and continue to work his way up and once again show he had what it takes to have his place on the dirt track.

    His 2022 season started off by heading to Volusia Speedway in Florida, then off to Bristol Motor Speedway, where he raced multiple nights. Each night showing up placing 4th, twice, 5th and 11th in the Features.

    Thomas ended the current season by placing 2nd overall at Elkins Raceway, 11 Feature wins, an invite to the Dome in St. Louis, placing 12th at the Thursday night Feature and then moving up to qualify for the big Saturday night Feature. Thomas ends 2022, ranked 38th out of 1740 drivers Nationally, 13th out of 243 drivers in the East Region and 9th out of 260 drivers in the Appalachian Region.

    Thomas Racing is ready to bring on the 2023 Racing Season February 2023 in Florida. See you all soon!

    Career Highlights

    2022- 11 FEATURE WINS
    2022-Bristol- 4th Feature x 2, 5th & 11th
    2022- Volusia- 11th Feature
    2022- Elkins Speedway- Placed 2nd for the Season
    2022- The Dome- 12th -Thursday Feature

    2021-Bristol Dirt Nationals- 8th place Feature
    2020-8 FEATURE WINS
    2019-10th at Hillbilly 100
    2019- 2nd at "Let it Ride 55"
    2019- 7th & 8th w/ MidAtlantic Modified
    2019-13th- Bedford Speedway
    2019-2-FEATURE WINS
    2018-AMRA ROOKIE OF THE YEAR-12 yrs. old.
    2018-3rd Overall at Elkins Speedway
    2018- 4th Overall at AMRA Racing Series



    Crew Members

    Jeff Thomas, Jake Toothman, Steve Savage, Alden Layman


    Valvoline, Iron Horse Logging

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    Late Modelsas of 9/23/2023
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    Modifiedsas of 9/23/2023
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    Limited Late Modelsas of 9/23/2023
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    Sport Modsas of 9/23/2023
    Full Points
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